Innovation and Partnerships to Expand Nunavut’s
Housing Continuum

Igluliuqatigiingniq Nunavut 3000 is a collaboration between government and its partners to address the housing crisis in Nunavut. Seen as a nation-building opportunity, Igluliuqatigiingniq Nunavut 3000 has the potential to result in enduring partnerships with Inuit organizations, the private sector, and other levels of government to expand the housing continuum and provide safe, secure, and affordable housing.

The goal is for communities to meet their potential by leveraging the collective strengths of strategic partners to provide lasting value for all Nunavummiut. As such, Igluliuqatigiingniq Nunavut 3000 is committed to delivering 3000 NEW units across the housing continuum in Nunavut by 2030.

In an effort to provide a mechanism for groups and organizations to bring their ideas forward, NHC has issued a Request for Expression of Interest (RFEOI). Details and information on the Nunavut Housing Supply Challenge RFEOI is posted on the Nunavut Tenders website:

Together we will fulfill the promise of Nunavut and our Katujjiluta mandate by creating new housing in all communities so that people can call it home for years to come.

Working together to improve housing supply and sustainability for the next generation.